SmokesModels: Season One

Season 1 11 Episodes Apr 2, 2018
Starting off is WeedTV SmokesModel Lynzey Patterson, also known as Valentina made her way to the Weed House launch party. You can watch her in our Original Series: Blunt Talk with Master Bong. WATCH for more SmokesModels and other WeedTV Original Series.
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  • SmokesModels: Season One

      168 Views 3 years ago

    Starting off is WeedTV SmokesModel Lynzey Patterson, also known as Valentina made her way to the Weed House launch party. You can watch her in our Original Series: Blunt Talk with Master Bong. WATCH for more SmokesModels and other WeedTV Original Series.

  • SmokesModels: Stunning Amber Kidd

      195 Views 3 years ago

    Miss Kidd Kush is a southern California tattoo model who grew up around cannabis. Amber Kidd took 2nd place in the Weed House SmokesModel competition. She is very knowledgeable about cannabis and is active in the industry. She is very photogenic, we couldn't get a bad picture of her from any angle. She is featured in our SmokesModel Calendar.

  • SmokesModel Winner: Ms. WeedTV Ali Morris

      111 Views 2 years ago

    You can WATCH Ali in other videos here on WeedTV! She is in our original series BudMasters and Blunt Talk. She has walked convention floors to show us the latest products, sat on Snoop Dogs lap and socialized! Check out her photo shoot on her profile page!! We can't say enough about this girl! She is awesome, great fun and an asset to our Family! We are glad we chose her as this years Ms. WeedTV!

  • SmokesModels: Princess Tayag

      88 Views 3 years ago

    Princess Tayag joined the SmokesModel contest with her best friend Ronda Carter here at the Weed House last summer. You can find SmokesModel Princess Tayag here on WeedTV and in our 2018 SmokesModel Calendar.

  • SmokesModel: Helen Gonzalez

      77 Views 2 years ago

    Helen Gonzalez will keep you warm this winter! She was a WeedHouse Ms WeedTV Contestant.

  • SmokesModel: Erica Moore

      46 Views 2 years ago

    SmokesModel Competition at the WeedHouse for Ms WeedTV! Check out more of Erica on WeedTV! We love her bikini!

  • SmokesModel: Ana Theresa

      26 Views 2 years ago

    You can also see Ana in Blunt Talk Season One - Episode19 hosted by Zairilla Bacon! Blunt Talk is in the Original Series link.

  • SmokesModel: Gabriella Draghici

      57 Views 2 years ago

    SmokesModel contestant Gabriella Draghici heats up the pool at the WeedHouse. Continue to WATCH her and more of the contestants - just click on WeedTV's Original Series and watch SmokesModels.

  • SmokesModel: Jordyn Rose

      38 Views 2 years ago

    SmokesModel contestant and 420 Nurse Jordyn Rose's smile is contagious! You can see her in the up and coming Pillow Toke - WATCH for it and while your waiting check out other videos in the link to our Original Series.

  • SmokesModel: Desiree Night

      287 Views 2 years ago

    Check out Desiree's bikini shoot at the WeedHouse and catch her in Season 1 of Blunt Talk with Master Bong in the Original Series link here on WeedTV! Photo by Keith Selle (IG @ksellephoto)

  • SmokesModel: Linda White

      37 Views 2 years ago

    Love Fairy Linda White joins us at the WeedHouse - check out her videos on WeedTV for product reviews at the Champs Las Vegas show and on her channel

  • SmokesModel: Heather Chisolm

      65 Views 2 years ago

    Heather Chisholm joins the bikini contest at the WeedHouse. WATCH More SmokesModels on Photo by Keith Selle (IG @ksellephoto)

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