Blunt Talk: Episode 1 - Master Bong

Season 1 0 Episodes Mar 28, 2018
Master Bong kicks off the first of several episodes of WeedTV's Original Series: Blunt Talk that was filmed at the Weed House this past summer. Zairilla Bacon, Angel Ace, Curt Diesel and Freeze are among the other hosts in the next sessions. See cast and guest tabs to learn more about their special guests.
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    Name: Blue Dream CBD Type: Flower Where: Positive Energy Who: Curio Wellness Song it reminds me of: Faithless - God is a DJ Appearance: Nice rich green, dense bud not dry and not moist either. Held together by beautiful orange hairs and an abundance of trichomes Taste: Very very plant, but each pull on the vaporizer yielded a different flavor spanning pine flavor to an almost baked good or cupcake candle smell. Onset: The first noticeable thing is the lack of pain followed closely by a tingling around the head. Not a heavy mask feeling but there none the less. Then a feeling of energized interest in consuming stimuli, for me it was music. Apparatus : Arizer Argo @ 388F Effects: Energy, Stress Relief, Pain Relief. Anxiety Level : Zero Symptoms Treated: PTSD, Stress, Pain, Anxiety Rating: ***** Comments: I have to say I was apprehensive about trying this strain based on my experience with sativas, boy am I glad I did. This is an amazing feel juxtaposed to any you would have on an indica. The immediate pain relief was noticeable, followed by a spark in creativity and mindfulness. I can see why they call it Blue Dream, the daydreams are amazing. Not lost in thought more of an exploration in thought. I could have hours of fun creating with this new pal o mine. No sedation with a great level of attention to all the details, without being overwhelmed.

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