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Blunt Talk: Episode 21 - Curt Diesel with 3 SmokesModel Contestants

1 week ago

Comedian Curt Diesel has a "Blunt Talk" with SmokesModel Contestants Mackenzie, Morgan and Becka. You can see more of Curt, Mackenzie and Becka if you click on their cast cards and watch more of Curt in other episodes of Blunt Talk.

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About The Blunt Talk Channel

This first season of Blunt Talk has a variety of hosts including Master Bong, Angel Ace, Curt Diesel, Zairilla Bacon and Freeze with an amazing guest list of hot SmokesModels from the Weed House and industry experts that traveled here to join our Launch Party. Learn about CBD's, smoking, vaping, medical uses, flowers, concentrates and more.


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