Surviving Migraines with Cannabis

Medical marijuana can be an effective treatment for severe head pains.


By Emily Earlenbaugh |

Distorted vision, excruciating headache, intense nausea, extreme sensitivity to stimuli; few things are as instantly debilitating as a severe migraine.

For Pamela Hadfield, co-founder of HelloMD — an online service offering medical marijuana recommendations and advice — migraines were a lifelong problem.

“It basically felt like a bolt of lightning hit my head,” Hadfield says, recalling her first migraine. “I got very ill for a period of days, I was vomiting, I saw the aura [lights in front of your eyes that cause a loss of sight] and a pounding sensation where your head feels like it is going to explode off of your neck… It is a very uncontrollable feeling.”

What started as an occasional migraine intensified into a regular occurrence. At their worst, the migraines left her completely debilitated.

As a mother of three working full time, migraines were not only extremely painful for Hadfield, they were interfering with her life and causing constant anxiety. Her doctor’s best solution was a Vicodin prescription, which helped with the pain, but left her worrying about her own developing dependence on the drug and the sustainability of using it long term.

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