Review of the CloudV ElectroMini Portable E-nail

I just got a CloudV ElectroMini Portable E-nail as a gift. I have been looking for a portable nail that doesn't need a torch.


You get a lot of smoke from this rig! It comes with 2 nails - titanium and quartz and a slim dab tool with a lid. It retails for $149.99 and well worth the price because you don't need a torch. The CloudV ElectroMini Portable comes packed with 3300 mAh electro-mini battery  that can heat your nail to a scorching 1000 degrees in less than 15 seconds.

We set ours at 790-800 and it is plenty hot to give you a big smoke in the titanium bowl but you might want to edge the temp up for the quartz bowl. We took ours on a hike and got about 9-10 hits total until it needed recharging. If you have a portable charger, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to recharge depending on your charger type. 

 We tried wax, budder and sugar and all were tasty in the quartz bowl and big smokey in the titanium. I broke the stick part of the carb tool the second day, it is made of glass and I was sad but the top still works and I will buy a new one.

CloudV ElectroMini E-Nail Torchless Nail Dabs Concentrates