Marijuasana Uses Cannabis to Find Your Balance

Cannabis can be combined with a yoga practice to promote full-body wellness.

By Danielle Corcione  @decorcione |

“Inhale,” says yoga instructor Stacey Mulvey, sitting in front on a mat, instructs to a class of half a dozen students in the living room of her Washington D.C. apartment. “Exhale.”

Nearly a decade ago, Mulvey began practicing yoga to relieve day-to-day aches and pains. Additionally, whenever she consumed cannabis, she always felt the urge to move her body.

One day, seven years ago, the thought occurred to her: why not combine both passions? Once she adopted cannabis consumption into her practice, she noticed a huge difference. However, she was quietly practicing this on her own, until she began speaking her truth to other instructors.

A year ago, the concept for Marijuasana, a cannabis-infused yoga class for novices and tailored yogis alike, was born.

“I changed the physiology and the way I felt in my body,” she explained over a phone call. “I was always in physically pain and discomfort. I was never physically active.”

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